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Team building workshops

To book phone 01908 313337 or e-mail:

Over the years we have been involved in a lot of team building activities. We find they work best when the booker has a clear idea of what they want to achieve. We’ve listed below a few of the different things we have done and the approach taken but it is always best to discuss things when booking.

Kents Hill School booked us to teach the various teams within the school how to do a variety of circus skills and then each group was asked to perform a short show. Each team had people within it who were good at the skills and those who weren’t. There were also within the group those who were more comfortable announcing their show, choreographing it, coming up with ideas etc. The teams that worked together produced much better shows and that was clear to everybody.

A business we worked with in London put on a different set of workshops for their clients each week. We were there for their wild west session teaching lassoo, knife throwing and whip cracking.

We were recently asked to construct a school sports day for adults. So egg & spoon, sack races, soft javelin throwing etc.

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